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Alex Hickman or Alfred Hitchcock

June 09, 2022

Alex Hickman or Alfred Hitchcock

Perhaps after 2 "YouTube videos" hard to tell one thing is for sure he will be a real asset to Top Banana Antiques and we in turn will help him immeasurably to succeed as the already 8 years under his belt dealer even though only 24 years old.

We really like having fresh keen young faces and its great to have the likes of Sam Wexham , Charlie Clark and Alex on board, one of our young lady dealers has just done the heinous crime of taking a job must to her fathers (a life long dealers) shagrin, but she did well with us and hopefully once seen the error of her ways will be back.

We could do with a lady dealer 16-30, however any age always good and you young collectors out their we desperately due to retirement of a 74 year old coin dealer, we need a coin dealer even if a teenager with parental support we would consider you, he did really well you can too. A great way to learn history and geography and the finer  things in life not all screens and gadgets.

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