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Adding Young And New Blood To The Mix.

September 11, 2019

Adding Young And New Blood To The Mix.

We've been busy bees the last few weeks here at Top Banana. Loads of new stock came in and also left our premises on a daily bases. Some of our beautiful Items will find their way to new homes and happy owners all over the world.

Equally exciting is that there has been some moving around of dealers to new rooms and spaces and several new dealers joined us. You will find a new Art and Painting dealer, a new book and maps dealer, a new jewellery dealer and and and and and........


Ever Fancied to start off as a trader too? Come on in and have a chat...we're currently almost filled to the Brim and only have a large open Landing area left Which can be easily split in 3 sections to give new blood to the trade an easy start up with the option to grow into a bigger space over time.


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