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Adapting antiques

March 29, 2021

Adapting antiques

The past masters of this are the American dealers, like using a cheese grater as a candle shade, or tea pot as planter or wellies I assure most of these ideas come from the USA.

Of course a small kitchen table cut down makes a great coffee table, but how about using a biscuit barrel / cracker jar as a ice bucket. Maybe something as simple like a sugar shifter which possibly not top of the pops now I sure one can find caster sugar but not in common use, so how about using as a pickle spoon or olive spoon, fantastic for stem ginger in syrup, there are thousands of uses for these things.

Celery vases into candle holders, single candlesticks done in small groups, obviously soups tureen make great bulb planter and a myriad of items (these days almost anything) can be made into lamps.

Jewellery too can easily be adapted, things like watch chains into necklaces or bracelets, fobs into great pendants etc. Really a lot of these items can be adapted without destroying the item, and possibly as rusty oil can made into a lamp is saving the items life from the tip or scrap yard.




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