A lot of History for a Little Money, Collecting Coins.

July 13, 2017

A lot of History for a Little Money, Collecting Coins.

Collecting coins can be a rewarding and absorbing hobby.  The history that is held in such small items can go back many centuries.

One of the The earlist coins yet found dates back 2,700 years and comes from Western Turkey. The coin a 1/6th Stater was made from a naturally occuring alloy of gold and silver. The country in that area was then called Lydia.

The lagacy of the Romans stayed with us until decimalisation, the heads of Monarchs were usually portrayed in the manner of Roman Emperors, with weaths of laurel.  Our money pre decimal was in £ S D, pounds shillings and pence.  The 'D' having been adopted for the humble penny since the Roman occupation, currency being at that time the Dinarius.

The history of a coin being passed through several hands has inspired authors, one title of a childrens book a few years ago was 'The Bun Penny' . The story of a Victorian 'Bun' penny., (so called because the young Victoria's head in profile was wearing her hair tied up in a bun). The progress of this penny through several hands and it's loss and redisovery having been dropped between floorboards.

Collecting early coins, imagining all the hands it has been passed through and what goods it may have paid for, gives you a huge chunk of history without always having to pay a lot for it.  Although if you are lucky enough to come across a rare one it can be very rewarding!

Here at Top Banana we an dealer who has a great selection of ancient and later coins, and you can also pick up some commemerative crowns for only one pound each, or possiby your own bun penny. 



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