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A Kennel Full, Collecting Staffordshire Dogs

October 09, 2017

A Kennel Full, Collecting Staffordshire Dogs

When mentioning Staffordshire figures the first subject that springs to mind are the famous Staffordshire Spaniels. These have been produced since the 1720's and have their own  names in different parts of the British Isles, in Scotland they are called 'Wally Dugs', in some parts just 'Pot Dogs'. 

Many are familiar  with  with the black or brown Spaniels with a gilt chain and locket around their necks.  However the factories in Staffordshire produced many variations, some with baskets, some with a barrel.

Many other kinds of dogs were also made, such as Poodles holding baskets in their mouths,  or hunting hounds decorated with curly painted coats.  They also can be found incorporated into watch stands and especially spill vases.

As these attractive pieces come in many varying colours, sizes and shapes they can form a great display as a collection, and hunting for variations on the theme can be great fun and not always too hard on the pocket!  All the ones illustrated are here at Top Banana.


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