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A group shop by design, where individuals can shine

September 03, 2021

A group shop by design, where individuals can shine

For an antiques shop we are fairly cutting edge, one dealer one room, makes all the difference. Let alone our website and our attitude to customers and dealing with all aspects of online dealing.

But we allow and encourage our dealers to do their own thing, in Tim Owens case pile it high and sell it cheap works well for him, whilst other dealers want to have a cohesive look giving their room its own unique look.

What ever you do, we will allow you to make the best of your goods as long as antique or genuine vintage items. We are full but have 2 cabinets coming up all spaces gone, and the last one to come up was worked for 11 years by the same trader, rented in 2 days purely by word and mouth. 

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