Many good things have come from covid shut downs

August 27, 2022

Many good things have come from covid shut downs

Firstly people value and love their homes again.

Secondly youngsters love and wanted to buy vintage and antique.

Thirdly, many of us work from home now saving the planet one car journey at a time.

Fourthly, now with the aid of the internet everyone is a wheeler dealer, or as Donald Trump said "you cant trust the French, they have no word for entrepreneur!" all trying to make a bit buying and selling online from Vinted to vintage apples trees to antiques. Giving us all more chances to buy and sell, as more interest more buyer more sellers.

Of course as dealers we are happy to do either, the secret is to sell whats wanted and buy whats not, of course we can sell the whole range from a huge china vase to a massive mirror, and actually can get anything of any size delivered worldwide if worth it.

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