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A Child's imagination, Dinky Toys

August 13, 2017

A Child's imagination, Dinky Toys

The die cast miniature vehicles that everyone is familiar with can trace its roots back to 1934.  The idea of making detailed miniature versions of the vehicles on the road began with Meccano ltd.,  already a well known name in the making of the famous Meccano Sets.

The miniature vehicles were made at their Liverpool factory up to 1979.  The marque having been acquired by the toy giant Mattel.

The ones illustrated are examples from the middle of Dinky production in Liverpool and one from near the end. 

One is a Hillman Minx from the 1950's, lovingly repainted in what may have been the colours of the owners family car.  The other from the era of love and flower power, the early 1970's. The box retains the Liverpool head office address.

A great subject for 'big kids' to collect!



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