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A Banana A Day Keeps The Bank Away.

March 18, 2020

A Banana A Day Keeps The Bank Away.

Top banana antiques mall perhaps not the promised land, ie the mythological place where antiques sell like fresh baked hot cakes.

However, we open 7 days a week, always stick to regular hours. Open regardless rain snow or sunshine, especially when sunshine as often the hot sun is worse for business than snow and best of all: We offer the majority of our goods online on our website and other selling forums as our dedicated staff daily list new items, They  Tweet, do Instagram, Facebook etc.

We also sell realistically priced goods and where possible will do a deal , we need to sell so clients vendors and indeed staff are happy and productive.

Also to quote one of our loved regulars , we been here along time longer than any other centre in town 22 years and most of us have been at it along time, surviving foot and mouth Disease, The Iraq crisis twice, The Afghan war, The 2007 recession, divorce and other large errors of misjudgement...

We will open throughout sticking to regular timings and our aim is to have everything online soon, we have upped the quality of listing and photos, really would welcome any constructive points on anything we can improve on and if we can we will, our rents are sensible, that we have ceased shop commission to help with current evolving situation , tell us what we can do to help make things work better we will do upmost to achieve.

The shop is regularly cleaned with bactericidal spray and has been for years, smells nice and is well presented

Bear in mind we mostly don't sell Rembrandts however we have had and will / do have many gems, both literal and metaphoric .

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