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50% increase

October 01, 2020

50% increase

Unlike a lot of businesses, we have invested in ours. 50% increase in full time staff. From headlines we see most are reducing staff and cutting wages. We invested in our business, 3 lots of new carpet, new decorations, new staff, new website, new gallery, that's a lot of new stuff for a place that sells old stuff.

We are full bar 2 cabinets nearly everyone is doing well thanks to our regular clients coming in a buying, yesterday had clients in who have been visiting us for 20 years, lovely.

Our last room will be open late October after a complete re vamp, previous dealer only left due to serious ill health.

We will continue investing, we are confident of our future, we have a brilliant website, highly active and busy market place. Consistently growing following on all social media, please do like us follow us on Instagram,Twitter & Facebook.

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