4 of the best

October 03, 2022

4 of the best

Of course some of us from our school days would recall 6 of the best too, 6 being strokes of the cane.

We had a rare event this week, 4 dealers gave notice on their rooms, one through illness and being 83, one as taken a shop, one actually too busy and didn't want to go over VAT threshold so reducing their space, and one because they were too busy to dedicate enough time to Top Banana. In the last 18 months we have had no space to rent at all except the odd cabinet, 2 spaces were rented yesterday and one reserved, of course the most expensive space always goes first. We do have 2 spaces up for grabs, the attic which when presented correctly is a serious winner as huge space whole floor plan of shop for low cost big enough for furniture and smalls, and Ark angels room look on website a really good room, light big high ceilings.

Saturday had one of the best days this year, black American Express Card abounding, good trade and retail sales nearly everyone took money several took very good money. Business whilst a bit tricky is good if your offering commercial goods or good value, and we have the American dealers back spending well and really boosting our turnover.

We are twenty years old and looking forward to the next twenty.

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