World War I Sweetheart Aluminium 'W or M' Signet Ring Trench Art Antique.



Dating from troubled times when aluminium was as expensive & as prized as gold, this is a charming trench art sweetheart signet ring dating from World War I. To the front of the ring it is inscribed with the initial 'W or M' depending which way up the ring is worn. Whilst fighting in the war soldiers would often make items including jewellery from any spare materials they could lay their hands on for loved ones left back at home.
We have a very similar signet ring with the initials 'R', this ring is smaller, could they have been made by the same hands as a pair, one for him, one for her? simply charming, for this other ring please see listing tbj00026.
There are no metal marks. Good detailing but there are surface scratches please see the pictures.
Size UK X, US 11.75 or internal diameter 2.125 cm or 0.8 inches.
Max width across head 0.8 cm or 0.3 inches.
Weight 1.7 grams or 1.06 penny weight.

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