William Charles Carter WWI Bronze Dead Man's Penny or Death Penny Plaque Antique

Bullionaire Jewellery


In memory of William Charles Carter, the soldier who gave his life during World War I.

Wonderful, but very sad, little peace of history, this is a charming bronze Dead Man's Penny, also known as a Death Penny, Death Plaque or Widow's Penny and was presented to the family of a soldier who was killed on active service during World War I. The name of the soldier can be seen in the box, in this case William Charles Carter.
Production began in 1919 with approximately 1,150,000 issued. They commemorated those who fell between 4th August, 1914 and 10th January, 1920 for home, Western Europe and the Dominions whilst the final date for the other theatres of war or for those died of attributable causes was 30th April 1920. Made from bronze and designed by Mr E. Carter Preston of Liverpool.
This penny has clearly been loved by the family of William, a hole has been drilled so it could be hung, please see the pictures. We have looked into who William was, but unfortunately at least 5 if not more William Charles Carter's paid the ultimate sacrifice and died at this time.
Simply wonderful collectable.
Diameter 12.0 cm or 4.7 inches.
Weight 328.4 grams or 11.58 oz.