Treen Mauchline Ware box 'Bournemouth' Antique Victorian C1900.

Conner Miller


Treen Mauchline Ware box depicting Bournemouth from the pier. In Victorian Times these Scottish made souvenir boxes would be made in an ochre-coloured wood an only occasionally lacquered. A fair lot of these boxes would depict scenes of landmark and sometimes accompanied with a wish or Poem. Mauchline ware boxes were specially popular to store sewing items like needles or as snuff boxes and are very collectable today. This particular box contains a metal thimble with some ware and is marked with no. 3.

Dimensions box are: Height 3.6 cm or 1.41" Width 2.6 cm or 1.02" depth 3.7 cm or 1.45"

Total Weight 12 gr or 7.7 pennyweight

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