Sterling Silver Gold Front Five Brooches Antique Victorian 1895

Isle Temple


Set of 5 Sterling Silver Gold Front Brooches made in England in 1895.

First brooch sterling silver with thin layer of gold carved " Mother " in the center.

Second brooch Sterling Silver with " Mother" carved in the center and 2 little flowers embellishment on the side.

Third brooch sterling silver with 2 hearts in the center ,a bow on the left , and some flower on the right.

Fourth brooch sterling silver with 2 round wheel design and in the center a acorn embellishment.

Fifth brooch Sterling silver on the shape of half a moon with some flower details as embellishment.

There is no box .

Dimensions are : Height 2 cm or 0.78 inches, Width 4.5 cm or 1.77 inches.

Weight of all 5 : 16 grams or 10.28 pennyweight.