Scottish Highland Dirk Bloodstone, Agate & Citrine 9k Gold Brooch Pin Antique Victorian c1870.



Fantastic antique Scottish Dirk brooch pin in 9ct yellow gold, set with bloodstone, agate & citrine, dating from the Victorian period.
The dirk occupies a unique niche in Scottish Highland culture and history. Many Highland Scots were too cash poor to buy a sword, but virtually every male carried a dirk, and carried it everywhere! If in Japan the katana was the soul of the Samurai, in Scotland the dirk was the heart of the Highlander.
In many warrior cultures oaths were sworn on one's sword. Among the Gael, however, binding oaths with the force of a geas (involving dire supernatural penalties for breaking such an oath) were sworn on one's dirk. The English, aware of this, used the custom against the Highlanders after The Battle of Culloden, when Highland dress was prohibited in 1747. Those Gael who could not read or sign an oath were required to swear a verbal oath, "in the Scots Gaelic tongue and upon the holy iron of their dirks", not to possess any gun, sword, or pistol, or to use & wear tartan.
The gold mark along with the makers mark can be found to the rear. The makers mark reads 'JC&S' & the metal mark '9ct' for 9ct gold. The citrine stone has been tested as real, there are tiny edge nibbles visible in a loupe only, not to the naked eye so do not detract, the bloodstone & agate are in good order please see the pictures. Good secure c clasp & pin.
Size 5.7 x 0.8 x 1.3 cm or 2.2 x 0.3 x 0.5 inches.
Weight 4.3 grams or 2.68 penny weight.

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