Pewter Pint Tankard Inscribed "Sir William Gomm" Victorian 19thc.



This is a Pewter tankard which is inscribed "Sir William Gomm" to the base. I believe this may have been the tankard of this hugely important Man of the Victorian era..

Field Marshall Sir William Maynard Gomm GCB(10 November 1784 – 15 March 1875)

William Maynard Gomm joined his regiment at the age of fifteen and took part in the 1799 Helder campaign in the Netherlands. He fought in the Peninsular wars of 1810-12, where his careful reconnaissance and skilful leading were invaluable to Wellington in the Vittoria campaign; to the end of the war he was one of the most trusted men of his staff. In 1815, he took saw active service in the Battle of Waterloo. He spent the next twenty years in the Home Service before serving as Commander-in-Chief in India from 1850 to 1855. There are  four portraits of him listed in the national gallery.

It has a Capacity mark 'Pint'  which had to be added to Pewter as a legal requirement from 1836, although this could be retrospective. It also has the mark of queen Victoria and the town mark for London CC. Inside there is another mark ' half Golle' and a road name which is unclear.

Condition is good antique, a few scratches and dents and slightly misshapen foot rim.

Dimensions: Height 12.5 cm or 4.9 inches; Length 12.3 cm or 4.8 inches; Diameter at top rim 9.5 cm or 3.7 inches.

Weight 597 grams or 383 dwt.

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