Mizpah Enamel 9k Gold Back & Front Pendant Locket Antique Victorian c1880.



Charming antique 'Mizpah' double pendant locket dating from the Victorian period. The locket is made from 9ct yellow gold back & front with an enamel front saying 'Mizpah' & a buckle detailing to the rear.
Mentioned in the Bible, Mizpah is a Hebrew word that has come to connote an emotional bond between two people. Mizpah jewelry generally was exchanged between two people who were lovers or close friends and might be separated from each other for some amount of time. Very popular during the mid Victorian period before dropping off in popularity, before a revival during World War I. During the Victorian period, gifts that could be give to a women from a man were limited. Enter Mizpah pieces, which could safely be exchanged as sentimental tokens of affection. People also wore these pieces because they believed it would help their relationship grow, return their loved one to them or ensure the continuation of a friendship. Often seen as an amulet of protection.
The back & front gold is not marked. There is a tiny chip to the enamel on the hinge side, please see the pictures, all the other enamel is good. Buckle detailing to the rear with facetted edges, again please see the pictures.
Good hinge to open & the locket snaps shut securely, inside both slips & lenses are present. Behind the lenses are photographs of a lady & gentleman.
Size including bale 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.8 cm or 1.4 x 0.9 x 0.3 inches.
Weight 10.9 grams or 6.8 penny weight.

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