Japanese Gold Lacquer Inro Decorated With Prunus Blossom, Crane & Tortoise Antique 19th Century.

Jade Trading


This Japanese Inro box is made of Gold Lacquer and dates to the 19th century.  Decorated with prunus blossom, a crane and a tortoise, all symbols of longevity in Japanese culture. An Inro is a small box used to hold small personal items whilst wearing traditional Japanese robes such as Kimono as they didn't have pockets.  In good antique condition, minor scratches or scuff marks to the face with the tortoise, see photos.

Dimensions are:

Height 6.3 cm or 2.48 inches, Width 5 cm or 1.97 inches, Depth 2 cm or 0.79 inches.

Weight: 31.6 grams or 20.3 penny weight