Grand Tour 'Lion of Lucerne' Carved Lion. Antique c.1850s



Grand Tour 'Lion of Lucerne' Carved Lion. Antique c.1850s

This beautifully carved little lion depicts the famous 'Lion of Lucerne' and would have been made and sold as a souvenir to people conducting their 'Grand Tour' back in the mid 19th Century. The original Lion (conceived by artist Bertel Thorvaldsen and carved by stonemason Lucas Ahorn in 1821) was carved into a rock in Lucerne, Switzerland. Depicting a dying lion it commemorates the Swiss Mercenary Soldiers who died in 1792 helping Louis XVI during the French Revolution. The latin inscription translates as: "To the Loyalty and Bravery of the Swiss".  Due to its emotive nature the lion became an instant tourist attraction.

This example has been expertly carved from Walnut and has great poise and character. It dates to around the 1850s or 60s. The untreated wood has faded gracefully over the years adding to its charm and giving it a lovely patina. There was originally another standing circular shield beside the lions head (which is now broken off and missing), but otherwise it is in good original condition.

Dimensions: height 5.8cm or 2.28" , length 14.3cm or 5.63" , depth 4.7cm or 1.85".

Weight: 118gr or 75.9dwt  

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