Forget Me Not Vulcanite Ebonite Gutta Percha Mourning Locket Victorian Antique c1860

Lizzie Scott


A lovely Victorian mourning locket made of Vulcanite also called Gutta Percha in c1860. With the words Forget Me Not on the front lid, the locked opens to reveal a compartment to insert the loved ones' photo. Vulcanite (also sometimes called "ebonite") was made by combining and heating sap of the Euphorbia or Ficus trees from Malaysia with sulphur. Invented in 1843 by Thomas Hancock, pieces made of vulcanite were almost always moulded, not carved, and it was used mainly in making jewellery also called Gutta Percha.

Dimensions 3 x 3.5 cm or 1.18 x 1.38 inches.

Weight 11 grams or 7.07 penny weight.