'Fly in the Ointment' CHIM Sterling Silver Pendant Charm Vintage c1960.



Rare taking inspiration from the saying 'Fly in the Ointment'  this is a fantastic opening 'The Ointment' pot which opens to reveal the fly inside by the very collectable charm maker CHIM. The saying has the meaning 'a single thing or person that is spoiling a situation that could have been very positive or enjoyable'.
This charm dates from the 1960's a time when charms were very popular especially from the makers Nuvo, CHIM or Toby. Today these little works of art have again become very collectable being worn traditionally as a charm or with a modern twist as a pendant from a necklace.
The CHIM ark can be found to the base, the sterling silver has been tested as there is no silver mark. Good hinge to open & the pot shuts securely, inside you find the fly.
Size including bale 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.8 cm or 0.8 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches.
Weight 4.1 grams or 2.5 penny weight.

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