Cottage Tinder Lighter Or Tinder Pistol Antique Georgian 18th Century.



This cottage tinder lighter or tinder pistol has a flintlock mechanism which is used to generate sparks which would then catch on the tinder and a the flame could be then used to light a candle etc.  Now days with modern matches or lighters it is easy to create fire however is this Georgian period in the 18th century, before the invention of the modern match in 1805, the most common method of creating a flame was by striking flint against steel.  This tinder lighter was therefore a very usual tool for any household.  It bears a name on the flintlock mechanism, believed to be W.Sikpeul, probably the gunsmith who made it.  In good antique condition with some wear and patina commensurate with age, see photos.

Dimensions are:

Height 9 cm or 3.54 inches, Width 22 cm or 8.66 inches, Depth 4.6 cm or 1.81 inches.

Weight: 236.4 grams or 152 penny weight

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