Chinese 19th Century Tiger's Eye Snuff Bottle

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Chinese 19th Century Tiger's Eye Snuff Bottle

This antique Chinese snuff bottle has some very striking tiger's eye tones of browns and yellows which adjust depending on the angle you look at it. Due to the strong character of the stone, the shape of the snuff bottle has been kept deliberately simple and the green agate top complements it well. 

Please see images but it is offered in original condition. There are a few hairline cracks that appear to be part of the original structure of the stone rather than due to later damage.There are a few small patches of old glue residue can should clean off ok.

Dimensions: height 6.7cm or 2.67 inches; width 4.6cm or 1.81 inches; depth 2.5cm or 0.98 inches

Weight: 89gr or 57.2 dwt