Chinese 18th Century Porcelain Powder Box -Ca Mau Cargo c1720



Chinese 18th Century Porcelain Powder Pot-Ca Mau Cargo c1720

This small Chinese blue and white powder Pot dates to the 1720s and was recovered from the seabed as part of the Ca Mau shipwreck haul in 1998-9. Amazingly over 130,000 items were brought up from that wreck, of which 76,000 were sold via Sotheby's (including this example). The hand inked CM3 mark denotes it was brought up in the third wave of items. Much more about the original ship and haul can be found online.

Please see photos but overall this is offered in good condition and is free from chips or major damage. As expected for a piece that has been under water for many years there is some wear to the glazed surface. 

Dimensions: height 3.3cm or 1.3 inches; diameter 7.3cm or 2.87 inches

Weight: 84gr or 54 dwt

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