Carved Amber 'Immortal Liu Hai' Figure Antique C1900.

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Carved Amber 'Immortal Liu Hai' Figure Antique C. 1900s

A beautifully carved amber figure of the immortal Liu Hai baiting the three legged toad with a string of cash. 

Liu HaichanLiu Hai, or Haichanzi "Master Sea-Toad" is a (c. 10th century) Daoist Xian "transcendent; immortal" who is a patriarch of the Quanzhen School, and a master of neidan "internal alchemy" techniques. Liu Haichan is associated with other Daoist transcendents, especially Zhongli Quan and Lu Dongbin, two of the eight immortals. Traditional Chinese art frequently represented Liu with a string of square-holed cash coins and a mythical three-legged chanchu "toad; toad in the moon". In the present day, it is called the jinchan "Money Toad", and Liu Haichan is considered an embodiment of Caishen "God of Wealth".

6 cm or 2.4 inches x 2 cm or 0.8 Inches x 1 cm or 0.4 Inches

Weighs: 10.6 g or 6.8 penny weight