Bronze Dassier Medallion of James II Antique 17th Century.

Ken Prior


Bronze medallion of James II, by renowned maker Jean Dassier. The obverse features a laureate bust of James II, wearing armour and a mantle. On the reverse is a square tomb on which is seated Religion, mourning, amid various ornaments and symbols of Roman Catholicism. The front is an inscription.

Jean Dassier (1676 – 1763) was a medalist in the 18th century, who published a series of meals on the Kings and Queens of Europe in 1731. These were bronzed copper, damascened copper and silver. What is most interesting about them is their interpretation of each monarch, showing their various traits, with which they were remembered. James II’s has the trappings of the Catholic Church, showing religion seated on a square tomb with symbols of Catholicism surrounding.


Diameter: 4.1 cm / 1.61 inches.

Weight: 22.4 grams or 14.4 dwt

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