Beechams ( Beechams Pills ) Advertising Print Antique Edwardian c1912

Pete Sheldon


This charming advertisement print for promoting good health after taking beechams pills. The pills themselves were a combination of aloe, ginger, and soap. They were initially advertised like other patent medicine as a cure-all, but they actually did have a positive effect on the digestive process. This effectiveness made them stand out from other remedies for sale in the mid-19th century. The pills, and their marketing, were the basis for Beecham's Patent Pills, which became Beecham Estates and Pills in 1924 and is now the well known brand we all love and know today as the Beechams group or just Beechams. This advertising print is in great condition with no watermarks or stains.

Dimensions 28 x 23 cm or 11 x 9 inches 
Weight  78.7 grams or 50.6 pennyweight