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Good Duo Of Leather Clad Travellers Push Button Lidded Inkwells Antique Edwardian Circa 1905

Vinces Vault


Antique Edwardian period Good Quality duo of Traditional styled travelling inkwells in Leather Clad Steel, both gold foil tooled to the top of the lid with the legend for 'INK' one in the traditional style and one with an exterior mounted, hinged safety latch clasp, both featuring push button spring plates to the body so as to serve for when opening the inkwells for use as well as securing shut.
The body to each Inkwell body is in good condition showing only light age related cosmetic wear and each inkwell lid is in good running order, operated via way of the push button to the front wall of each with spring plate feature working well, the lid to each resounding with an audible 'click' when closed shut.
The interior to each inkwell retains original fitted glass ink reservoir that can be removed for cleaning and filling as needed, the vulcanised rubber stopper to each reservoir is perished from age but is of little concern were these to be used as free standing pieces for a writing desk or Bureaux.
The inkwells vary slightly in size, the one with latch clasp when closed shut measures 4.7 cm x 4.3 cm x 2 cm in dimension or 1.7 inches x 1.6 inches x 0.75 inches, the one without latch clasp measures 4.3 cm x 4.2 cm x 1.8 cm or 1.6 inches x 1.6 inches 0.7 inches in dimension, both inkwell combined weigh 147.6 Grams or 5.2 ounces.
These Fine Period Inkwells Will make for a pleasing addition to a working writing desk, Bureaux, writing box, slope or similar, perfectly useable after cleaning and filling with desired writing ink.