18ct Gold & Sardonyx Mourning Ring Antique Georgian



18ct Gold & Sardonyx Mourning Ring Antique Georgian 

A lovely early mourning ring dating from the Georgian period. 18ct yellow gold set with sardonyx. Sardonyx is onyx topped with sard which is a white variety of chalcedony. Mourning jewellery has been popular since the 1600s but saw a huge surge in popularity in the 1800s. People started making mourning jewellery in the early days because there was no photographs so the mourning jewellery served as a touchstone to remember dead loved ones every day. Some mourning jewellery was finished off with their loved ones hair, this piece with the white represents an unmarried virgin woman and would have been worn on the gentleman's little finger to remember her. Unmarked but this was common for the period. Good antique condition- very small nick to the sard (please see photos).

Measurements of face: 2 cm x 1.4 cm or 0.8" x 0.6"

UK ring size: Q

US ring size: 8

weight: 4.9 g or 3 penny weight

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