Continental Electro Plated Silver Chatelaine With Accessories Antique Victorian.

Mike Loveday


A lovely electroplated silver chatelaine with accessories; a thimble and its holder, a pin cushion and what we think may be a paper knife holder. All fantastically decorated.  We think it dates from around the end of the Victorian era when chatelaines were very popular. A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp with a series of chains hanging from it, from each chain hung a useful household item such as scissors, watches, glasses case, sewing bits, seals and stamps and of course the all important vinaigrette to keep away those bad smells. The chatelaine was also used as a woman's key chain it showed the status of women in a household. The senior woman of the house had access to and responsibility of all the valuables at the property. It was fashionable for younger, lowlier women to wear chatelaines with various object hanging from it to create the illusion of keys and therefore status and responsibility. They were very much the tool belt of the times. The top part of the front of the chatelaine has lovely goblin type creatures adorning it, making us think it could possibly be of Norse origin? An absolutely lovely thing; an amazing addition to anybodies collection. 

Length 34.8 cm or 13.7 inches.

Weight (combined) 104.3 grams or 67.1 penny weight.

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