Wedding Good Luck Enamel Chimney Sweep in Sterling Silver Pendant Charm Vintage Art Deco c1920.



In the UK it is considered good luck for a bride to see a chimney sweep on her wedding day. The tale of the lucky chimney sweep can be traced back to the 18th century to a parade that was in attendance by King George III where it is reported that the king’s horse was startled by a yapping dog amongst the crowds and his horse then bolted. A fearless London chimney sweep is said to have stepped out into the path of the runaway horses and brought it to a halt, calming the horse. The chimney sweep then disappeared back in to the crowds before the king got the chance to thank him. From that day the king declared that all chimney sweeps should be treat with honour and believed them to be bearers of Good Luck. Later, when the King’s youngest daughter was to be married, King George sent for a chimney sweep because he believed that the presence of a chimney sweep would bring good luck and happiness to his daughter in her marriage, and the age old tradition began and the luck is still passed on to this day.
This is charming vintage sterling silver pendant or charm with a black enamel chimney sweep dating from the Art Deco period. The silver has been tested as there are no silver marks. There is a slight pitting to the enamel, please see the pictures, but in my opinion it does not detract as not visible to the naked eye. Requires a bale to be hung.
Size including bale 1.4 x 1.2 cm or 0.5 x 0.5 inches.
Weight 0.6 grams or 0.375 penny weight.